“SAFE” by Chelsea Hickman
Directed by Liz Whittaker
Assistant Directed by Dani Ice

Saturday, October 26th
3:00 pm - 7:00 PM
Walk in any time, no appointment necessary
(Video auditions accepted via email if you are not able to attend auditions in person)

Headshots and resume are encouraged but not required.

Prepare one of the four monologues provided (memorization encouraged but not necessary)

Click here to view the monologues.

You are encouraged to read the script beforehand. Script can be accessed by clicking here.

Sunday, October 27th
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Production Schedule
Rehearsals: Dec 7, 2019 - Jan 23, 2020 (Monday - Thursday, 7-10pm, Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm)
Performances: Weekends Jan 24 - Feb 15, 2020

Actors will be paid a small, per-performance stipend.

Actors of all races, genders, abilities, body types/sizes, and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

SAFE tells the story of Aubrey and Sam, two Mormon women who meet at BYU, and their evolving relationship with each other, themselves, and their faith. It is a nonlinear story, showing the past and present lives of these characters. There are three timelines: Aubrey and Sam’s freshman year at BYU as well as Sam’s LDS Mission; Aubrey and Jensen’s last miscarriage; and the present.

F, 20s. Born and raised in American Fork, Utah. Somewhat innocent during her first semester at BYU, with righteous desires and a firm testimony. Her faith changes significantly throughout the play. (One scene includes appearing in underwear.)

F, 20s. A “cool” Mormon from California, and Aubrey’s roommate during her freshmen year. Sarcastic and smart. A badass with a strong moral compass. Her parents sent her to BYU in hopes that the spiritual atmosphere would help her overcome her “same-gender attraction.”

M, 20s. Aubrey’s high school boyfriend, who also attends BYU with her. Not as cool, smart, or as kind of a guy as he thinks he is. His “good Mormon boy” front covers a sense of entitlement.

M, 20s. Sam’s husband later in the story. A convert to the Church. Kind, but takes Sam for granted a little bit. Good intentions, but not as attentive as he could be.

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