Extended through April 26

A one-man streamed performance.

James Hall, the breakout star and fly half for the Chiltern Colts rugby club, doesn't want anyone to find out about his boyfriend—not his team, not the media, and certainly not his girlfriend. Unfortunately, it's all trending on Twitter.

For this unique production, ticket buyers will be able to view a digital stream of the production any time between 6:00p and 11:59p the night of their purchased tickets. All tickets are pick-your-price.


**IMPORTANT** Ticket-buyers will automatically receive a confirmation email when they purchase tickets. This email will contain a link to the stream as well as their password. This password will become valid at 6pm and expire at Midnight on the night of their performance.

You can buy a ticket to watch same-night even after the streaming period begins at 6pm.

A special thank you to the playwright for making this streamed production possible. You can follow Richard D. Sheridan on Twitter @RD_Sheridan

Run Time: Approximately 51 minutes.

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